I start by listening to your fears and wishes. This is an emotional time and I can offer you a role as your advocate and support person outside of your family, making sure I am there for you. My role is to empower you to make the choices that are important to you.

My services:

Initial consult – complimentary

All services – $80 per hour

I will assess your individual needs and tailor a suite of support services which will meet you and your family’s needs. 

I believe that finances should not limit anyone’s access to care and support. Please contact me if you would like to know more about how I can support you and your loved ones.

How can I support you?

Organise services that may assist you or that of a loved one.

Photographs of this time may be important for you, as an experienced, professional photographer, I can provide this service.

Memory making, photo collages, memoirs, life review, and art projects are a few of the ways that I have helped people to remember and memorialise loved ones

Assistance with a home or traditional funeral, memorial service or natural burial.

Bereavement support after a loved one has died.

Have you thought of caring for your loved one at home?

Having your loved one at home after they die can be comforting for some families, a natural extension of the care they have already been giving at home. This time can vary, some families are ready to say goodbye to the body after a few hours and for some three days.

I can support you through this process. 

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