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Birth and Pregnancy loss 

Stillbirthday is a website with a wealth of information about any kind of pregnancy loss, abortion, early miscarriage to late stage pregnancy, delivery of a baby with a fatal diagnosis and many others. There are many suggestions for supporting these losses and thoughtful ideas for funerals or memorial services.

I have a special interest for supporting families in these difficult situations. My work with Heartfelt over the last 12 years as a photographer and a career in Paediatric Intensive care have given me the capacity to hold space with love and care in these dark places.

Currently I am studying the Birth and Bereavement Doula course with Stillbirthday. I hope this course will give me more knowledge and understanding around the complexities of delivering and supporting families suffering miscarriage, stillbirth or child death.


The Institute of Birth, Breath and Death is run by Amy Wright Glen. It is a place for all who hold space for the sacred thresholds of both, breath, and death. Amy has a wealth of experience studying a master of religion and education, a non denominational chaplain in hospitals, a birth doula, yoga teacher and author. 

I’m currently attending a grief workshop over 8 weeks, to continue to support people as a compassionate presence when grieving.

Voluntary Assisted Dying

A sometimes controversial subject, VAD was legislated in June 2021, theres a link to the document below. 

I am advocate for VAD and will support individuals and families choosing VAD. 

Voluntary assisted dying means administering a medication for the purpose of causing death in accordance with the steps and process set out in the legislation.

Voluntary assisted dying must be voluntary and initiated by the person themselves and is usually self-administered. Only those who are already dying from an incurable, advanced and progressive disease, illness or medical condition are able to access voluntary assisted dying. 


The Natural Funeral Company

A South Australian family owned company with many options for all kinds of funerals.

Bare Cremations

A cremation only service.

Palliative Care South Australia

A resource for living and dying.

The Soul Midwives School


The Natural Death Centre

A great resource about natural death, including information sheets to download with topics such as

Navigating the Medical and Health Care System

The Dying Process

Caring For or Being With the Dying

Death- Sudden, Expected or Unexpected

Bereavement and Loss

The Groundswell Project

Encouraging important conversations about dying and death.

Order of the Good Death

A fun but informative site for any questions you may have about death and the processes that happen.

Scribbles and Crumbs

A beautiful site sharing grief and loss.

Refuge in Grief

Emotionally intelligent grief.

The Crystal Wave

A great shop at Grange west of the city for all your metaphysical needs. Aroma therapy, crystals, meditation sessions, sound baths, all your new age needs. Its a great shop with friendly staff.

End of Life Doula Directory

A listing to help you find the right person for you in your state.


Abby Buckley 
Making moments matter for love, loss & life.

Creating beautiful ceremonies to celebrate life whilst nourishing the hearts of those who are grieving.