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End of life Plan

Judy Joans   Age: 57

Pancreatic Cancer

The most important people in my life: Dave my husband, Peter my son who lives locally and his wife Suzanna, my grandchildren Polly and James

My elderly parents John and Pam who live in a residential care facility 20 mins away. I do not want to see my sister Karen, we have been in conflict for years.

My Doctor of 20 years is Dr Lou Saucer whom I get along with well.

I would like to die at home with my family and friends close by. I’d like to hear normal life and conversation around me. When I am feeling well I’d love to see my friends. I would like someone to monitor the visits because I may get tired, some people don’t seem to notice!

Holistic treatments I find enjoyable are meditation, music and scents.

I am frightened of being in pain, I saw a friend die in pain and this has left a lasting impression on me.

On bad days I’d like only my close family and the quiet with somebody holding may hand. I don’t want to die alone.

I like to feel clean and my mouth to feel clean and moist.

I want my dog to be near.

I love a good movie and have a supply for every occasion.

I would like photographs of my life and friends and family all around with my photo albums close by.

I would like to be told/when I am dying, and in my last hours I would like some favourite music played to me. Helen is helping me make a CD of music. Sounds of the ocean would be calming for me.

I want to stay at home if possible but recognise I may need admissions to hospice for management of some aspects of my care. No resuscitation, no antibiotics. I have completed an Advance Care Directive.

I want a decorated cardboard coffin with personal objects of my choice/ drawings from all the people in my life.

When I have died I would like to stay home for 2 days if possible before my celebration, my husband and Helen have arranged this with the undertaker.

I want to be buried in my purple t-shirt and shorts wrapped in the blanket I have had with me while dying (a special quilt that tells my life story).

I want a natural burial in a woodland setting and lots of singing, dancing, weeping then and fun.