Death comes to us all it is an experience we will all share. 

As an End of Life Guide, I provide nonmedical service and support to dying people and their families.

Most of us are scared of dying because it is unknown and we don’t know what to expect.

I can help ease fear and bring love and compassion to a situation that can be fraught with uncertainty.

I strongly believe in putting the power of choice back in the hands of the individual and the family. I can help individuals, families and communities create a sense of ease and peace of mind about end of life wishes through discussion, information, empowerment, and connection.

Information and planning are key, talking with family and friends to be prepared and useful when death comes. Ensuring the appropriate paperwork in place, an Advance Care Directive, a will, an emotional will and a funeral plan. The first steps are simple, whether you take them on your own, or work with a support person. You can make a plan and get on living your life to the full for as long as that maybe. I think it important to mention that things may change quickly and require a different course of action which may be difficult to manage at an emotional time.

I can facilitate difficult and necessary conversations with loved ones. And when death comes and goes, I am there for the bereaved. 

Have you thought about after death care, being at home for a time or a  home funeral? If you want to keep your loved one at home after they’ve died, adults or children, I can help you do this. Even bringing loved ones home from the hospital after death is possible. I can help with funeral arrangements and plans for the funeral/wake. Someone on your side, advocating for you, serving you and your family, creating and holding space so you are as fully informed and as consciously engaged as you choose.

Sometimes I will only work with the dying. At other times I only work with the family and friends, supporting them, giving them the confidence and strength to care for their loved one.

The End of Life Guide’s role is very flexible. It’s focused around people and tailored to individuals. I will discuss your needs and my ability to meet them. I will find out what is important to my clients. I will ask you outright, ‘What do you want and need?’ And I’ll really listen.

Sometimes I won’t be able to do everything myself, but I will always try to find a way to get it done. I can help access the support required, whether it be from friends, palliative care services, social/spiritual care providers, funeral directors, funeral celebrants, medical/legal professionals or others.

Being an End of Life Guide isn’t about any of the big things. It’s the simplicity of people who care reaching out to people in need. It’s about love and kindness. It’s the trust to remain in the process until the end. It’s that warm smile, that sharing of silence or a favourite song. All of these small things can help build acceptance of dying and can offer strength and courage for the path ahead.

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In the end, just three things matter;
‘How well we have lived; 
How well we have loved ;
How well we have learned to let go’

Jack Kornfield